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Sokratis Kosmidis

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Sokratis Kosmidis was born in Piraeus, Greece to Ioannis Kosmidis, a shoemaker, and Eleni (née Lolosidou). He studied Law at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens. He is married to Domniki Kosmidou (neé Mitilineou), and has two children, Ioanna and Nikolaos.

He worked as a lawyer for most of his life, but also worked for the government for eleven years. For eight years he worked alongside Prime Minister Costas Simitis as Cabinet Secretary, overseeing all policy decisions made by the ministries. For further details about his political career, see his Curriculum vitae. He holds centrist, and  sometimes center-left policies. He was part of the group of people that led PASOK from the left, closer to the center in the early 21st century. He has authored five successful books about topics such as Drug Policy, and Modernization.

Some of his hobbies and interests include music, sports, and literature. 

He currently resides in Voula.

Career Timeline

The Law Years
1968 -1993; 1995-1996

After finishing law school and completing his twenty-six month long conscription, Kosmidis worked as a lawyer for 25 years. After working in the Ministry of Trade for 2 years (see right), Kosmidis returned to practise law for a couple more months.

Cabinet Secretary
1996 - 2004

Kosmidis was the Cabinet Secretary in Prime Minister Costas Simitis's government. He is known to have had a particularly great influence on him. They worked very closely together and are friends to this day.

Secretary of the Ministry of Trade
1993 -1995

Kosmidis served as Secretary of the Ministry of Trade under Minister of Trade Costas Simitis. After two years, he resigned from the Ministry and returned to Law for a few months.

Secretary of the Ministry of Public Order
Prime Minster: Costas Simitis

Following his two-month-long work as a Lawyer, Kosmidis returned to the government to serve as Secretary of the Ministry of Public Order under Prime Minister Costas Simitis.

Member of the Hellenic Parliament
2004 - 2007

Kosmidis served as a Member of Parliament for a period of three years before retiring.

For exact dates, see Curriculum vitae

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