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Curriculum Vitae of Sokratis Kosmidis

Sokratis Kosmidis was born on 30-11-1943 in Piraeus. Married and father of two children. Lawyer since 1968.


He was:


Director and Columnist of the newspaper "Piraeus Echoes" (1975-1978)
Member of the Board of Directors of the Piraeus Lawyer Association (1984-1987),
Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Insurance Fund for Maritime Agents and Employees (1982-1989),
Secretary of the Ministry of Trade (1.11.1993 - 3.10.1995)
Secretary of the Ministry of Public Order (28.2.1996 - 24.9.1996)
Cabinet Secretary (25.9.1996-20.2.2004)
Member of Parliament (7.3.2004 - 18.8.2007)


He was one of the close associates of the Minister and then Prime Minister Costas Simitis.


His published books include:

A collection of articles and comments, 1981,
Can this state manage?, 1996,
Drug Policy, 2002,
An unnecessary Consitutional Revision, 2007
Modernization and Reforms, 2010


Many of his articles have been published in the daily and periodical press. He has been a speaker at events and conferences. His main topics of interest include delivery of Justice, modernization and reform, progressive governance, transparency in public life and the fight against corruption, consumer protection, public administration, and the provision of medical services.

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